Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Show prep for Tucson, AZ

We are getting ready to head out to Tucson, AZ for the Rubberstamp and Scrapbook Expo. this weekend 2/23-2/24. Our bags are packed and our products shipped. We look forward to meeting all of you there.

We had recently returned from our stops at Lawrenceville, GA and Ft Lauderdale, FL. I plan to upload some photos of that fabulous time there. Lots of great people and excited stampers. I love it!

We will be toting ATG guns for a great price. It will be a show special for those who buy at the show. The refill tape prices are unbelievable. I have been enjoying my ATG gun for some time. When I first heard of it, it seemed so daunting. It packed a heavy punch looking more like a power tool than crafting tool. I was content sporting my little adhesives. It wasn't until I was facing making over 100 Christmas cards that I seriously considered buying one. I knew if I stuck to the little adhesives that I would be looking at a big pricetag on refills. So, I went ahead and bought a gun, adhesive gun that is. I bought several refills and was armed with enough arsenal to make hundreds of cards. Believe it or not, I went through about 1, maybe part of a second roll. I was a believer after that. I tell our customers that you pay up front for the gun, but the payoff comes from the savings in the refill. The best analogy is that these days when you buy a computer or camera, they give you a "free" printer, but where they really get you is those expensive ink refills. Try $25 and up a pop! Hmmm... so that's my little "shpeel" regarding the ATG's. By the way, I found a fabulous additional use for it. It came by accident, in fact. I was doing a demo and was ready to put on a little bow. I usually reach for my mounting tape, but decided to take some of the ATG tape and roll it up. It was GREAT! It rolled up like a little glue dot and made the bow stick quite firmly. It rubs off nicely if you get it in the wrong places. I could go on and on...

Our web prices are far below manufacturer's pricing. So visit to order the ATG.
Come visit and I will personally show you the great features of the ATG.
See you!

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