Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Fun Pics

Hi All,

Happy Thanksgiving! We are so blessed and have much to be grateful for. I am thankful for God, our freedom, my family, our business, shelter, food, friends, warm clothes, transportation, the internet, our phones, and so much more. Some of those things we take for granted that in many places of this world, and even this country, are luxuries. Thank you Lord.

Thank you also, our DeNami supporters, for allowing us to create products for you. We love what we do and because of you, we can keep doing it! You are great.

I received some fun pics I wanted to share. The first being our own placecards we will use tonight for Thanksgiving. My kids created and made them. Even small kids can have fun with stamps! They used the Marvy punches and the Pilgrim chicks with the Versafine Vintage Sepia pad and markers.

Here are some pics from Christy's Main Street Memories at:
25 East Main Street
New Concord, OH 43762
Below is Christy and our Eastcoast instructor Debra. Visit to know of the latest DeNami classes in your area.
Here are a couple of ladies with DeNami Studio apparel on. The shirts are super cute! Here is the link to order yours. You still have time for Christmas! One of them is holding the matching stamp.

Here is a group shot. Debra and Christy are on the right, with loyal customers.

Here is Debra with a full class. The classes are so much fun with lots of creativity and energy.

Below are pics of treat bags that our friend Virginia made for the athletes she coaches. Believe it or not, she is a new stamper and visited us at a recent show. Her own creative ideas started flowing and this is what she came up with it. It's super cute Virginia! Thanks for sharing it with us.
She made a "pun-y" saying to go with the chickie stamps.

NOTE: Our shopping cart is having some issues and orders are not able to be submitted online. Unless a miracle takes place and it suddenly works. You can always email an order and follow up with payment info by phone or fax your order. What you can do is put your order in the shopping cart all the way until you get the total, print the page and email it or print and fax it in. You can email it to or fax it to 253-437-1627. We are so sorry for the inconvenience.
We are in the middle of revamping our shopping cart and this will all the more spur us on to get it up and going.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Show- Creating Keepsakes- Bellevue, WA

Hi All,

We had a great weekend in the Bellevue, WA at the Creating Keepsakes Show. It was nice being home and seeing familiar faces and introducing stamping to scrapbookers. I love the thrill of showing our stamping techniques and seeing the creativity and imagination blossom as they get excited. Their eyes light up and they are so expressive. I love it!

I met with some long time stampers, some even came from Portland, OR and Vacouver, BC, Canada. I also met a couple of friend's for friends. How fun that was. One of our dear store owners came from Hawaii! I bet it is beautiful there. Also, one of our loyal customers came a long way to visit us, with cookies and chocolate. (Thanks Candi!) Gary was especially enjoying the treats. Come to think of it, those chocolates never made it home.

We are winding down the year, but are fast at work getting the new Spring/Summer line ready for the new year. I was able to use some of your wish list submissions. So stay tuned and see... I have normally worked behind the eight ball by designing right up to the last possible moment. My organized assistant, namely my daughter, suggested I continue to let the creative juices run and design for next year's Christmas. What a concept! Imagine designing Christmas around the winter. I must say that it is hard to get inspired for Christmas during summer.

We are also working on updating our shopping cart. For those of you on our email list, DeNami InTouch, we wanted to offer coupons for purchases. Also, for those who visit us at the shows, we want to offer coupons for you to visit our website. It's coming soon. We are strong at graphics and design, but a bit lacking in shopping cart/computer language. We can't wait for it to go live. I may give an update as I have it. In the meantime, we will continue to update our current website with the latest in DeNami products.

Thanks to those who have commented on this blog and for those who identified yourselves at the shows as blog readers. We are excited to further expand the blog possibilites. I'm thinking video tutorials... Cool, huh?

Here is Roxanne from Stamps and Memories from Hawaii.
If you visit the store, tell her that she was mentioned on DeNami's Blog. She is a real sweetheart with a desire to help her customers. You will be well taken care of when you step in her store. Hawaii sounds good right about now.

Here is Elaine. She is a friend of our longtime friend. We had loads of fun chatting together and laughing. I found out she has a blog herself Send her a comment telling her you saw her on this blog. We bloggers get a kick knowing that there is a cosmic blog web that link all of us together.

Below are some projects that I have archived and set aside to share.

Email me or post a link to your cute DeNami projects. Who knows, you might see it here.



Thursday, November 13, 2008

Be a Follower

Hi All,

If you have been reading the blog, you may have noticed a little area that says, "Followers". Well, we encourage those who read this blog to be "Followers". It's fun to see the community of readers. You can even click their blogs and follow the blogging trail. Kind of reminds me of the line from Wizard of Oz, "follow the yellow brick road, follow the yellow brick road, follow, follow, follow, follow, follow the yellow brick road..." Sooooo, follow, follow, follow, follow, follow the DeNami Blog road... I am no wizard, but hopefully you have learned a few tricks and tips along the way.

We will be a the Creating Keepsakes show in Bellevue, WA this weekend. It's on Friday and Saturday BTW. Come visit and let me know you read the blog! Who knows, you might be posted on it;) I hope to post some projects from the show soon after.

We are busily working on our new collection of designs premiering in January. You will be happy to know that some from the wish list were there. It's a fun, fun, fun collection. We are excited here at DeNami Design. Maybe we'll post a sneak peek??? We'll see...

Have a fab fall day,


Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Hi All,

I thought I would give some tips that I have learned over the years that would simplify or make your stamping easier.

1) Keep a towel on your lap while stamping, so as you clean your stamps, you can dry them on your lap. I use a scrub top cleaner by Judikins. (

2) Use a lint roller to remove excess glitter on your work surface. Works great at picking up even other tiny scraps of paper and ribbon snippets left behind.

3) Use an ATG gun for all your adhesive needs. Makes a great glue dot to attach tiny bows, rubs off areas you don't want adhesive, works perfectly on vellum paper and can be used on any size piece of paper, even the skinny borders.

4) Keep markers in a can (metal pail) for easy access. I put my X-acto knife, hole punch and scissors there as well. Takes up less space and you can see all your marker colors.

5) Keep a cutting mat under your work surface for easy cutting access. You can also put a sketch pad on top for blotting your inks that are stamped off your card. You can easily move your pad and get to the cutting mat.

6) Keep the needle in your 3D Lacquer while stamping, if you plan to use it. It keeps the tip clear when you need to use it. Be sure to remove the needle and tip and replace the cap on for storage.

7) When tying a small bow to be attached to a card, tie ribbon while still on the roll and then trim edges after the bow is made. Saves on ribbon and easier to work with than cut ribbon.

8) Use the back side of X-acto blade for scoring tool.

9) Use a "dead" ball point pen as a stylus or scoring tool.

10) To achieve a watercolor look, stamp with Versafine pad. Color with the lighter shade and then go over edges of stamped image with darker shade. The Versafine pad is a must because it doesn't smear and blending is seamless.

11) Use Quickie Glue pen for embossing. Just draw on card or write with it, pour on Embossing powder and tap off excess and heat to melt.

12) Use Quickie Glue pen for foiling. Apply to cardstock (works best on coated paper), allow to dry and rub on foil for shine.

13) Use Mesh ribbon after you tie on a bow for your card. Simply cut off 12 in. of Mesh ribbon, curl with fingernail by running ribbon between your nail and finger. Adds a festive touch to your card.

14) Make a matching envelope by using corresponding paper that match the decorative paper used on your card. You can carefully pull apart and existing envelope to use as a template and trace pattern to cut into an envelope.

15) To make charms for your cards, punch 4 cutouts with the 1 in. circle punch. Stamp the circles and then apply ATG adhesive to the backs of the circles and put 2 back to back of the ends of the mesh ribbon that you attached to your bows. You will end up with 2 charms, one on each end of the mesh ribbon ends.

16) Use shredds between stamp layers. Just spread a sparse amount between stamping layers and mount the layers using mounting tape. The tape with go between the fibers and will hold the shredds in place while keeping the layers in place.

17) Use photos and cut out faces to apply on Mimi stamps on the stamped card. It personalizes your Mimi card with the face of the recipient.

18) For quick mounting tape use, remove liner from the mounting tape and tear the tape as needed. Saves from getting adhesive on scissors, and from having those tiny liners all over your work table. You only need a little bit to mount your layer.

19) Keep stamps rubber side up while working with them. That way if you are using the same color ink on your stamps, you don't have to clean them off in between uses for fear of getting them on your work space.

20) Wear an apron while working. If you are like me, you use lots of glitter. It minimizes glitter on your clothing (but not your face:) I also keep some essentials in my apron pockets, like gum, candies, phone, etc.

21) When rolling your ribbon to store, cut a slit on the card edge that the ribbon is on. You can slide the end of the ribbon on the card edge for easier storage rather than dealing with tape, pins, etc.

22) Stamp your stamps on sheets of 3 ring paper and you can categorize with dividers. It saves on the hassle of wondering if you have a particular design and it helps to see what size you have so you can buy coordinating images that are proportional together.

23) Start a blog and post your projects on there. That way if you wanted to show your family and friends, you don't have to try to describe in detail your project. A picture is worth a thousand words, really! is a free one that we are currently using. It's a great way to track your projects and then you can freely give your cards away, because you captured a picture of it.

24) For drying your cards or moving them from your work surface, you can use a photo stand to place them in. It keeps your work area free of cards. If you are like me, the longer you stamp, the smaller your work area becomes:)

25) To keep static electricity to a minimum on your card, you can run a dryer sheet on the surface of your card, even a used one, before applying embossing powders and glitter.

26) You can sew a mini "pillow" and fill with chalk, the kind used by gymnasts, to create a static puff. To minimize static electricity. I heard you can also use cornstarch or baby powder for a similar result.

27) You can "huff" on your stamp after you stamp it once to get another stamping out of it. The second stamping will be more faint, but clear.

28) When stamping cutouts, stamp extra so you can make a quick card when in a pinch.

29) When making a card, stamp and extra or two. It will save you when you need a card in a hurry.

30) Design a birthday card for the year. Meaning, you give the same birthday card design to all your birthday people. It helps when you find yourself "dry" from ideas. You can always make an original one, but have a "fall back card" to always go to for that year. Make sure you change your designs every year, that way you don't have to wonder who you gave that card to.

I hope these tips were helpful. If you have tips to share, post them on your comment.

We will be exhibiting in Bellevue, WA this weekend for the Creating Keepsakes show. Go to the website and download a discount coupon.

Hope to see some of you there.

Best to all,


Thursday, November 6, 2008

Card Ideas

Hi All,

We just returned from a good show in Mesa, AZ. The weather was pristine. Just take the best of the summer weather in WA and that was what we had our whole stay there.

As usual, I had a chance to get creative at the show while doing my demos. If you haven't ever seen me demo, you many not know that I demo on the fly. I don't pre-plan the projects, but just create, create, create. Because I love to create new things, I am always exploring new projects, colors and techniques with our fun stamps.

Here are some of the ones that came from the creative fest.

I used Versafine Vintage Sepia and colored in with Tombow markers. The tan stripes were from using a pale tan Tombow marker and going over the dotted border. Because Versafine doesn't smear, it is perfect for making stripes.

I used Versafine for all the cards. It gives a more vibrant look since it is instant dry. They are the best out there for quick and easy card making.

I used Fun Fluff and the 3D Lacquer for the little chicks. Really a dimensional project. I didn't finish the cover.

This was a cool card. I loved how it turned out.

I used our new polka dotted ribbon. The little circle punches turned out like charms at the end of the mesh ribbon. We currently don't have the new ribbons and punches on our website, but keep checking back! The mesh ribbon along with all the products are on
This card is a beautiful one. I was showing a customer the versatility of the little Rosevine Petit Four set. You stamp the daisies in a circle and use the leaf stamp to fill in to make a wreath. I used the beautiful Versafine Spanish Moss for the leaves and Versafine Vintage Sepia for the flowers. I colored in with Tombow Markers. The vine is from the Trifles set. It is versatile for borders, backgrounds, making frames or using with the glue pad and glitter. The daisies looked like cornflowers or dried flowers in this card.

This was a Vellum card. I stamped the solid block stamp behind the vellum in the VersaMagic Sea Breeze and Aloe Vera and Brilliance Orchid. I embossed the flowers which are a Trifles set and words with Versa Mark and silver Embossing Powder on front. I colored on the back (the same side as the solid block). I then cut the rectangles out and used the ATG Gun to attach it to a folded Vellum sheet. The ATG is the best. It is invisible under the vellum! No need for a special vellum adhesive.
Same basic stamps, but I stamped the blocks on our white cardstock in the same pads and Versafine Onyx Black. I colored the flowers with Tombow. I mounted it to the Pearl aqua card and mounted it to the stamped folded card. A bright and cheery card.
I stamped with the Versafine Vintage Sepia for the dot circles and chicks. I stamped the scroll in the Versafine Spanish moss. All the coloring was with Tombow markers. A really cute and cool card for an invite or well wishes.

I hope you enjoyed this latest creative projects blog. Post a comment and tell me you liked it:)
Happy Stamping!