Thursday, November 20, 2008

Show- Creating Keepsakes- Bellevue, WA

Hi All,

We had a great weekend in the Bellevue, WA at the Creating Keepsakes Show. It was nice being home and seeing familiar faces and introducing stamping to scrapbookers. I love the thrill of showing our stamping techniques and seeing the creativity and imagination blossom as they get excited. Their eyes light up and they are so expressive. I love it!

I met with some long time stampers, some even came from Portland, OR and Vacouver, BC, Canada. I also met a couple of friend's for friends. How fun that was. One of our dear store owners came from Hawaii! I bet it is beautiful there. Also, one of our loyal customers came a long way to visit us, with cookies and chocolate. (Thanks Candi!) Gary was especially enjoying the treats. Come to think of it, those chocolates never made it home.

We are winding down the year, but are fast at work getting the new Spring/Summer line ready for the new year. I was able to use some of your wish list submissions. So stay tuned and see... I have normally worked behind the eight ball by designing right up to the last possible moment. My organized assistant, namely my daughter, suggested I continue to let the creative juices run and design for next year's Christmas. What a concept! Imagine designing Christmas around the winter. I must say that it is hard to get inspired for Christmas during summer.

We are also working on updating our shopping cart. For those of you on our email list, DeNami InTouch, we wanted to offer coupons for purchases. Also, for those who visit us at the shows, we want to offer coupons for you to visit our website. It's coming soon. We are strong at graphics and design, but a bit lacking in shopping cart/computer language. We can't wait for it to go live. I may give an update as I have it. In the meantime, we will continue to update our current website with the latest in DeNami products.

Thanks to those who have commented on this blog and for those who identified yourselves at the shows as blog readers. We are excited to further expand the blog possibilites. I'm thinking video tutorials... Cool, huh?

Here is Roxanne from Stamps and Memories from Hawaii.
If you visit the store, tell her that she was mentioned on DeNami's Blog. She is a real sweetheart with a desire to help her customers. You will be well taken care of when you step in her store. Hawaii sounds good right about now.

Here is Elaine. She is a friend of our longtime friend. We had loads of fun chatting together and laughing. I found out she has a blog herself Send her a comment telling her you saw her on this blog. We bloggers get a kick knowing that there is a cosmic blog web that link all of us together.

Below are some projects that I have archived and set aside to share.

Email me or post a link to your cute DeNami projects. Who knows, you might see it here.




Liana said...

I stopped by your booth as a first time customer. I am amazed at how easy you make coloring your images look! Unfortunately, it tended to be waay to crowded for me (I only came on Fri) and while I kept meaning to come back, I never did. I look forward to shopping on your website though and following your blog!

Gloria Lee said...

Hello there! I was one of the Vancouver, BC (Canada) visitors to your booth. My girlfriends and I just love your designs. We especially loved how excited and talented you are with your craft :) Thanks for all your assistance and for showing us how much fun it is (and easy) to make our own cards. Best wishes to you and your family for a memorable holiday season. Gloria

Kathy H said...

Cute cards! Love the idea of tutorials!

Pink Platinum said...

I love looking at all your new ideas! I can't wait for the tutorials!! So looking forward to that!

Nami Nakamura said...

Hi Gloria,

It was nice meeting you and showing you our products. I had so much fun teaching you and sharing the joy of using our stamps. I'm sure you are so creative, so these are great tools to express that creativity.
I hope you'll come see us again at a future show. BTW, we have one further south in Puyallup, WA in May.
Thank you for the Thanksgiving wishes.
We are looking forward to time with family and yummy foods.


Linsey said...

Yay! These are all super fun and creative cards, Nami! I love your beautiful creations, they inspire me so! Happy to hear you are staying ahead of the game and thinking up your holiday line for next year already! I can't wait to see the Spring/Summer 09 designs too! So much exciting things happening! Thank you for having this blog to share with the world-it is so appreciated! :)