Thursday, October 30, 2008

Update Show- Mesa, AZ

Hi all,

We are heading out to Mesa, AZ today. It's chilly in WA and AZ is around 85-90 degrees right now. How to pack??

I wanted to post a couple of picks from previous shows.

At the Houston show, I had a blogger let me know she reads this blog. (Hi Patty!) I got a kick out of the fact that this blog doesn't just go into cyberspace. All of you that posted your birthday well wishes showed me that you are out there. Thank you!

Here is a pic with Darlene who was our enthusiastic helper in San Antonio. Her energy, enthusiasm and zest for stamping was really fun. (Hi Darlene!)

She introduced our style of stamping to her mom, aunt and stamping friends. How fun to know there are DeNami fans in San Antonio.
Here are some cards. I had to use a different "watermark". My external hard drive had my watermark that I usually use. Sorry about that! Hopefully you could still see the card.
This is the cover for the gift card holder.

This is the inside of the gift card holder. Super cute!

I loved the colored metallic glitters to use with the bronze and brown papers. Just use the 3D lacquer and sprinkle on the glitter for dimensional dazzle.

I hadn't embossed in a while and liked the gold on gold results. It was a rich look.

This was our booth at the San Antonio show.

I'll be posting more projects from the Mesa show. Stay tuned!
Happy Stamping!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Show Help Wanted- San Antonio

Hi All,

We are putting out a call for those who are interested in helping at the San Antonio, TX show this weekend. Let us know that you are interested. You need to be energetic, diligent, a people lover, positive and just plain nice:)

We will be doing shows throughout the country, so let us know where you are located and we'll keep you in mind. Please include a little bio as well as a pic to let us know a little about you. We love meeting stampers around the country. Thanks for letting us do what we love to do.


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

More pop-ups

Hi All,

I am in Houston Texas and wanted to keep in touch. The weather is beautiful and warm. Doesn't quite feel like summer is over here, though I hear their summers are brutal. It feels like a Seattle summer day.

We've enjoyed our time here. The folks out here are real friendly and I love the "yes sir" and yes ma'am" address. It has a respectful ring to it and you just want to respond in kind. We went to a local grocery store and had a 70 year old bag our groceries. His energy and calling me "ma'am" was so sweet. I wish I could bring that kind of humanity back to my corner of the world. I will carry the spirit with me, though.

We will get another dose of Texas next week in San Antonio. Please come by. If you read my blogs, let me know. I met a blog reader here and will post a pic of her and I in a blog when I get home. I was tickled to hear that there are those of you out there. So Patty, if you are reading this, post a comment and let me know you read this blog:)

Here are some pop-ups that I have worked on. I have more projects to post, so keep looking. Thanks!

Pop up cards with a twist

Hi All,

As promised, I have some projects from the show we did in Sandy, UT. Our pop up kits have been popular even amongst scrapbookers. I did some pop up cards with a twist. Keeping in mind that scrapbookers work with photos.

I love how they turned out. I used the Mimi stamps for the base and "customized" her with fun faces. It's a great way to use those duplicate group photos. You know the ones... the ones where someone has their eyes closed, someone turned their head or wasn't ready. Just cut the faces, stick and presto!

We are heading out to St. Paul, MN for a show this weekend. Our pop up card class will be this Thursday at Stamp Garden in White Bear Lake. It is sold out, but be sure to come by the booth and watch demos throughout the whole day, including pop up cards. We have enjoyed the area in the past and look forward to seeing our stamping friends there.

See you!