Wednesday, October 1, 2008

More pop-ups

Hi All,

I am in Houston Texas and wanted to keep in touch. The weather is beautiful and warm. Doesn't quite feel like summer is over here, though I hear their summers are brutal. It feels like a Seattle summer day.

We've enjoyed our time here. The folks out here are real friendly and I love the "yes sir" and yes ma'am" address. It has a respectful ring to it and you just want to respond in kind. We went to a local grocery store and had a 70 year old bag our groceries. His energy and calling me "ma'am" was so sweet. I wish I could bring that kind of humanity back to my corner of the world. I will carry the spirit with me, though.

We will get another dose of Texas next week in San Antonio. Please come by. If you read my blogs, let me know. I met a blog reader here and will post a pic of her and I in a blog when I get home. I was tickled to hear that there are those of you out there. So Patty, if you are reading this, post a comment and let me know you read this blog:)

Here are some pop-ups that I have worked on. I have more projects to post, so keep looking. Thanks!


Lindy Stamper said...

Hi there!

It's Patty here. It was very good to meet you and watch you work. I obviously have alot to learn. Hope you enjoyed Texas and come back soon!

Anonymous said...

I loved your demo at Conroe and my hubby enjoyed talking with yours. Thank you so much. I look forward to using the stamps I bought! We're heading to Arizona soon to visit our son and family - I'm hoping to attend the show in Mesa.

Vicki said...

I also very much enjoyed your demo in Conroe. My little niece thought you were the greatest and enjoyed spending her money in your area. Thanks for taking the time on Sunday morning to share with Madeline. She went home and started stamping. Enjoy the rest of the time down South. We do tend to be a friendly bunch!

dcorder said...

Looking forward to taking your POP UP class at Simple Pleasures this weekend!!

Nami Nakamura said...

Hi Patty (aka Lindy Stamper),

Thanks for commenting! It was great meeting you. What a kick it was for me to meet a blog reader. As we speak, I am working on next season's designs. I am putting out a call for wish lists.

Happy Stamping! Nami

Nami Nakamura said...

Hi Anonymous,

My husband enjoyed speaking with yours. We sure hope you can make it to Mesa. Enjoy your new stamps!

Nami Nakamura said...

Hi Vicki,

Thanks for your encouragement. It is so fun to demonstrate the stamps and watch people's creativity open up and spark lots of ideas. I love what I do and seeing people get excited to get creative. Your niece is adorable and I enjoyed meeting y'all. Texans are nice!

Nami Nakamura said...

Hi Dcorder,

Enjoy the class! You will have tons of fun! Wendy is great. Let me know how you like it.

Kathy said...

Love these pop up cards! I will have to give them a try.