Thursday, October 30, 2008

Update Show- Mesa, AZ

Hi all,

We are heading out to Mesa, AZ today. It's chilly in WA and AZ is around 85-90 degrees right now. How to pack??

I wanted to post a couple of picks from previous shows.

At the Houston show, I had a blogger let me know she reads this blog. (Hi Patty!) I got a kick out of the fact that this blog doesn't just go into cyberspace. All of you that posted your birthday well wishes showed me that you are out there. Thank you!

Here is a pic with Darlene who was our enthusiastic helper in San Antonio. Her energy, enthusiasm and zest for stamping was really fun. (Hi Darlene!)

She introduced our style of stamping to her mom, aunt and stamping friends. How fun to know there are DeNami fans in San Antonio.
Here are some cards. I had to use a different "watermark". My external hard drive had my watermark that I usually use. Sorry about that! Hopefully you could still see the card.
This is the cover for the gift card holder.

This is the inside of the gift card holder. Super cute!

I loved the colored metallic glitters to use with the bronze and brown papers. Just use the 3D lacquer and sprinkle on the glitter for dimensional dazzle.

I hadn't embossed in a while and liked the gold on gold results. It was a rich look.

This was our booth at the San Antonio show.

I'll be posting more projects from the Mesa show. Stay tuned!
Happy Stamping!


Lindy Stamper said...

Hi Nami,

It was good meeting you too. Hope you guys come back to TX soon! I had so much fun watching you at work. Great cards, BTW, I like Fall both for the colors and the weather.

Have fun in AZ.

Libby Hickson said...

I'm so glad your photo of the San Antonio show booth didn't capture me with my HUGE shopping bag of stamps - I wouldn't want photographic evidence of that!! It could get back to my husband... LOL!

Kathy said...

Cute cards! I love the pumpkin pop up. The little mice are adorable!

Tiffany's Epiphanies said...

Your cards are super cute, I love your stamps! I bought one of your penguin stamps at the Mesa convention!

Deb Wood said...

I recently fell in love with your stamps at Sweetheart Stamps in Rome, NY!! They are awesome!!

I love all of your projects!! Can you show what the front of the pop-up card with the lady and the pumpkins looks like??

Thanks making a long list!!!

Shelli said...

Hi Nami! What a great show in Mesa today! I could have stayed and watched you all day! It was a pleasure to finally meet you. Thank you for your advise on paper and letting me play with your markers.

My mom couldn't come to the show today, but she said to invite you over for Thanksgiving and we can stamp!! ;) Have a safe trip home!