Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Pop-up Card Kits

Hello All,

We just returned from a show in the great state of Texas. It was HOT! I mean really hot. You could have fried an egg on the sidewalk. Good old air conditioning saved the day.

We just premiered our Fall/Winter collection at the show with over 50 new stamps and products. Visit the website to take a closer look.

The biggest hit were the new Pop-up Card Kits. It takes card making to a whole new level. It's quick and easy, but the results are "WOW" cards.

They come in 6 packs and are preprinted. All you do is cut on the solid lines and score on the dotted. You can mount any images you want to create your pop-up creations.

This is using the Fireplace Pop-up card kit (6 pk)

This is using the 3 column pop-up card kit. In the assorted with 2 of these and 2 others of 2 each or you can get it in the 6 pack.

This is the 2 tiered one available in the assortment pack. 2 of these are in the pack with 2 more different pop-ups of 2 each.

This is using the 3 column short. It allows for the shorter images like these pumpkins. Available in the assorted pack. Comes 2 of each of three pop-ups. It's part of the 3 column assorted pack.

This is the ever popular 3 tiered pop up card. Comes in a 6 pack with just this one or an assorted of 3 different pop-ups, 2 of each.

Here is the 3 column available in a 6 pack or the 3 column assorted with 3 different pop-ups, 2 of each.

There are thousands of ides you can make into pop-ups. By making your own custom one, all your occasions can be special. This particular card is perfect for showers or to give to your bridal attendants. It can also be a wedding card. Everyone will be talking about your card!
Forward your creations using these kits and you might be featured in our blog!
Our ATG adhesive applicators continue to be the surprise hit. With amazing prices for these high quality tapes, you can't go wrong.
New this season is the pearlescent papers that add fresh colors to our paper palette, couple that with our new Paige Collection with the paisleys, stripes and dots and you have the makings for some fabulous cards. Mix and match to make versatile cards.
We will be heading out to Cincinnati, OH, Novi, MI and Colorado Springs, CO next month. Be sure you introduce yourself.
If you have a stamping blog, email me the link so I can get familiar with your look. We are considering putting a design team together.
Thanks for visiting!
BTW, we just changed our email service so we don't get as many bouncing back. We hope you haven't been waiting for an update that never came. Put us on your favorites list to reduce the likelihood of our mailing being flagged as spam. We don't anyone who doesn't ask to be on our mailing list.
Have a stampingly good day!


Daniela said...

I see that the comments are working. I have been trying to email you with the info we talked about at the show, but with no luck (delivery fails each time). I will try to email to the main address.
I love the pop up cards, Happy Thanksgiving one is my favorite. You made that one at the show. I have several cards in the works with the new stamps...will post soon.

Starqueen said...

Hi Nami!
Are the pop-up card kits available on line? I cannot find them on your website.

Laurie in MN said...

Hi, Congratulations on the blog. I am sure your blog will garner many peeps as more people learn about your site.

For many years, I have been a fan of DeNami Stamps and the beautifull art work created by your design team.

My favorite store for DeNami Stamps and card samples is the Stamp Garden in White Bear Lake, MN. I am in awe of both the elegance and whimsy of your stamps.

Thank You.


Carolyn said...

Thank you sooooooooo much for posting a sample of the pop-up cards. I was at the show in Grapevine and bought all the stamps and pop ups (everything) to make the Thanksgiving card. I get home and can't remember how it looked. Your work is amazing.
Carolyn in

Deb Wood said...

I didn't see the dotted circle on your web site. The one used on the pumkin card! Can you point me to it? Thanks!