Thursday, July 16, 2009

Second You Tube video is now ready

Hi All,

We just returned from a hot show in Texas. And I do mean HOT. It was over 100 degrees. Yikes! I guess the NW is more my kind of weather. We did return to 90 plus degrees, but even that those 10 degrees makes a difference.
Thank you for you comments regarding the YouTube video. I have been busy editing my second installment and it's ready for your viewing pleasure:

Here's the link if you have trouble viewing it here

The following is a card it did in Hartford the week before TX. This lady came to watch the demo and her cheerful shirt inspired me to make this card. I love the colors.

I have many posts this coming week, so check back tomorrow for the next card.


Kathy said...

Love the video! I always forget that you don't need big background stamps to make your background - duh! I also had never thought to use the lacquer and then put glitter over it. Great cards!

Jimin said...

Well done! Loved the video again.

Tany Sol said...

Nice video - thanks!!!