Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Show help

Hi All,

We returned from a wonderful show in Anaheim called the CHA Supershow. The energy was so great that the time flew by. I have some pics that I plan to upload.

We will be headed towards Lawrenceville, GA for a stamp show Feb 6-7. We are looking for energetic, helpful, cheerful, good-at-sales people to help at the show with mainly sales, but set up, tear down and customer help as well. Stamping experience is not necessary, but if you are great with people, we would love to hear from you. Please include a short bio about yourself, including your strengths, interests, why you want to help, etc. A picture would also be splendid. Please also include your phone number so we can ask you further questions. You can email me at to tell me you are excited to help.

Even if you are not in that area, chances are we will be coming near you. Submit your info for the upcoming shows so we can line up our help for them.