Thursday, September 18, 2008

That was close!

Hi All,

We're here in Sandy, UT! We came with anticipation and excitement as we embarked on this scrapbooking adventure. What an adventure it turned out to be.

Gary, my husband, handles all the logistics of the show and scheduled our freight delivery to be first thing in the morning. In fact, the shipping company even called the yesterday, Wed, because they were ready to deliver then. Gary told them that they couldn't deliver until Thurs. He told them 9 AM. We were promptly there by 8:20. Well... 9 came and went... no delivery. He called and found out that it wasn't even scheduled to be delivered at all that day. Expectedly, he insisted the delivery be made today. There were no options. They had to call us back to locate the freight. We waited and were told that they could deliver at 11 AM. They did arrive by 11:30 AM.

Our pallets arrived a bit beat up. In fact, one was not even wrapped the way we shipped it. Translation: our pallet was in an accident and things had to be packed and stacked and wrapped again. Not a good sign. As we set up, it was becoming clear that we were missing a huge amount of inventory. Gary made the dreaded call. He asked them to check their truck and dock for our boxes. We waited and waited some more, all this while setting up. Amazingly, they located it! They would bring it out right away.

Our day took more than double the usual time, plus the heightened blood pressure and anxiety, but it all worked out in the end. What a day! The ominous start of the day continued. We trust that the rest of the weekend will not continue in that vein. We are thankful to God for taking care of it.

Tomorrow begins the long day. Get this... 9-midnight. That's crazy long! I'm not a coffee drinker, but I wonder if I should start?? ;)

The saga continues....

Will write soon.

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Laura Davis said...

OMGoodness Nami what a nightmare! Yes coffee helps a lot! LOL