Monday, June 1, 2009

Cards- Puyallup show day 4

Hi All,

We are in Syracuse, NY right now. We had a fun show. Met lots of great folks excited to see us again.

Here is a continuation of the cards made by Krista. This is the fireplace pop-up card but turned sideways to create a flower box. Use your imagination to create all kinds of backdrops for your creations.

I had a picture of the cover, but somehow it got deleted from blogspot. I am not back at the office to reload. The best part is the inside.

This is a simple card with Mimi. I like how the mini polka dot was used to make more bubbles. You can add Fun Fluff for frothey bubbles, Lacquer for shiny bubbles and glitter for the glittery bubbles.

This cute card is for you chocolate lovers. This is truly the fat-free, calorie-free version:) You can use the magenta and chocolate brown color combo to resemble raspberries and chocolate.

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Kathy said...

Wow - this was posted at an early hour! Love the flower box!