Saturday, June 6, 2009

New Product- Buttons!

Hi All,

Just thought I would mention that we have buttons, lots of buttons at the shows. We will have some coming on the website, but you can always call or email regarding them.

At the West Springfield, MA show I decided the best way to showcase the buttons was by wearing them. I made bracelets out of them. I will post a pic.

We have a large assortment of colors to choose from. I made a black button bracelet and a lime bracelent. One was with elastic, the other with wire.

The buttons can be attached to cards or used for crafts. How about adding them to the cover of a journal for a cute touch. I use the ATG adhesive on the button to make a glue dot and stick them on the card. You can also tie them on the card by threading them through the holes and tying them on. I generally have a bow attached to the card and I'll take a 1/4 inch ribbon and tie it to the knot of the bow so that it has tails. Then I thread the tails through the holes and tie them onto the bow so the button sits on the knot of the bow.

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