Sunday, March 8, 2009

On the road in Indiana

Hi All,

We are on the road in Indianapolis, Indiana for a show at the fairgrounds. The ladies there were very excited and welcoming. Hello to you all!

We were delighted to see familiar faces and the excited anticipation of the DeNami fans. We did not disappoint.

We were busy up to the point that they closed. I will be posting project pics coming up when I head back. It's fun to create and my personal passion is seeing the light of inspiration spark in people's minds. I can see it in their twinkling eyes. I love what I do!

Although there is much travel right now, I want to give thanks to the Lord for strengthening us on the road and at home. We are family-owned business and do work together as a family. All who work for us have become family to us. We thank you, dear DeNami stamper, for encouraging us, blessing us, supporting us and just being our friends. You are the best.

We have just received a special customized programming for our website that will enable us to put up projects, you might see it in the coming week, so stay tuned. I will continue to post pics on the blog.

If you are in Indiana, come visit us at the show. You will be truly inspired and leave excited to create beautiful projects quickly and easily, but with the DeNami flair.



Kathy said...

Glad your show went well. Looking forward to seeing your projects

Gretchen Turner said...

Thank you for coming to the Indiana State Fairgrounds as part of the Heirloom Productions festival and introducing me to your stamps! I'm excited to start using what I picked up and will be supplementing those with more from your web site. :-)